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(AA realm, a project by WoW-One Feenix)

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Update 19th September 2021:
We have updated our pages for WoW TBC Classic. You can buy gold for Classic TBC on Gold4Vanilla. We also support Classic Accounts and 1-70 Powerleveling. The website is expanded to support the New World MMORPG. Visit this page to buy New World Coins by Amazon Games .

Update 15th July 2021:
Atlantiss is releasing a their first, highly anticipated WOTLK server called Frozen Throne. You can buy Frozen Throne Gold - from our partner site Gold4Vanilla. On top of it, we can see a release of Whitemane.gg's Balnazzar realm.

Update: 15th December 2020: World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is the new update to the retail WoW: Battle for Azeroth. Visit the following link to buy WoW Shadowlands Gold

Update: 28th June 2019: We are no longer providing services for Archangel as the server is discontinued. We are providing services for Classic WoW PvP Gold now, especially for people looking to buy Powerleveling Classic WoW

Update 12th May 2017: Our final decision is to keep the current pricing for the remaining of the Archangel population. For people interested in a fresh TBC server, check Outland by Warmane.

Update 13th February 2017: We have decided to keep the lowered price for an additional month or two, even though most of the Feenix population is now playing on Realm of Shadows WotLK.

Update 23th November 2016: Price adjustment - 1K will now cost €2.55 down from €2.95

Update 14th August 2016: Good news! We have decided to further lower down our prices! 1000g now costs €2.95, down from €4.95!

Update 12th May 2016: Our final decision is to keep the discounted prices. We will continue to provide our services during 2016's Spring and Summer. Even though Archangel is an excellent TBC server, many have now moved to Gold4Hellfire.com, a brand new TBC 2.0 progressive realm, with x1 rates and instant 60s.

Update 15th October 2015: The discounted pricing will remain until January 2016.

Update 14th August 2015: Massive discount of 38% and more is available during August, or sooner if our stocks are cleared.

Usually we do somewhere around 5-10 gold deliveres per day. Normally we are online during central European hours (CET: Paris, Madrid, Berlin etc...), but American times EST, MDT and PDT are not excluded. If this is your first time buying gold, our suggestion is to visit the how it works page so you'll get familiar with the whole process.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions - for purchasing Archangel Gold

1. How fast will i receive the gold?

- We do our best to deliver the gold instantly, but sometimes it can take up to a couple of hours (until we log back in, in case we are all out or sleeping). Gold is delivered via the in-game mail, or in person (trade window)

2. The cost seems a bit high?

- The Burning Crusade is not Cataclysm or Pandaria. Stocking the gold takes time and effort, and we do it by using the game professions, AH & GDKP raiding. Keep on mind that it is much harder to get gold in TBC than in the current expansions.

3. How safe it is to buy Archangel Gold?

- Privacy and safety are our top notch priorities. We never had even a single issue while selling gold, both for Archangel and Warsong. We don't disclose your details to anyone, and we never tell to whom we sold gold.

4. Do you provide refunds?

You are covered by our Refund Policy, which is: If you don't receive the gold you paid for within maximum of 24 hours, you can get a 100% refund, no questions asked. For refunds, e-mail us at: shop@v7gaming.com

Some reviews from our clients:

Very Old Customer

Fan Wang 96346****@qq.com (9th February '17)

I am a very old customer of Gold4Archangel, precisely December 2014. Made many purchases throughout the years but today i felt tempted to finally leave a feedback. The gold is always received on time and often i get bonuses - i suppose for being loyal? Thanks a lot!

Convenient purchase

Marcus Jepson marc11.jeps****@gmail.com (23th November '16)

More convenient to buy from a website that is not spamming. The gold was delivered to me in about 15 minutes.

Hesitant at start, coming for more later

Tony Snyder j.dit****@gmail.com (2nd November '16)

I was hesitant to buy at first, but after my first purchase i caught myself coming back for more gold

40000 gold coins in 20 minutes!

Jacek Dettmann j.dit****@t-online.de (16th August '16)

purchased the largest package and received it in my mailbox in 20 minutes

Purchased the biggest package

Gabriel Hudson gabito****@hotmail.com (7th July '16)

Was amazed to see the site still function flawlessly, so i purchased the biggest package to boost me during the summer!

Always well supplied

Michael Wells lee1337kos****@gmail.com (5th October '15)

Purchased over 100K from them during September. Continuing in October and the forthcoming months too. So easy to gear up all of my characters.

Love the bonus i get!

Kris Wester paliezi****@gmail.com (14th August '15)

Love the August discounts. Purchased 2x 30k and got em within minutes. I'm so gonna enjoy the rest of the summer!!

Love the bonus i get!

Jayme Kehoe kexiclo****@gmail.com (20th June '15)

Discovered Gold4Archangel only a month ago and i have made several orders already. Love the surprises <3

Feenix player since 2011

Patricia patri*****les@live.com (24th February '15)

Archangel, Warsong, Emerald Dream... You guys are always stocked up for all Feenix realms - thanks.

Easy Mode: ON

Kris Eßen kr***anesen@yahoo.de (9th February '15)

With Gold4Archangel, the GDKP runs i attend are like EZ MODE: ON

Repeat Customer

Morti mort***@gmail.com (17th January '15)

I bought over 30000 gold consecutively in December and January - always delivered safe and fast. Big thanks!

Safe Heaven!

Endre endrelos***@hotmail.com (21th December '14)

Was scammed previously on the OwnedCore forum. This team is safe heaven for me now.


Emma Ta e.talev***@gmail.com (15th November '14)

A+++ - i love receiving bonus gold every now and then when obtaining gold from these guys.


Mike michael****se@gmail.com (26th October '14)

I am their repeat client. Have been buying gold from them since i started playing on Warsong. They continue to support me on Archangel too!

Farming? No thanks

Nikolovic damjan****ic@hotmail.com (14th October '14)

There isn't any joy in playing the game if you constantly need to farm gold. I now enjoy the game to the fullest, because i have a back-up plan if i run out of gold ;)

Sooo QUICK!!!

Rebecca rebbeca***lina@aol.com (7th October '14)

Raid was starting in 20 minutes and i needed gold to bid on items... i still can't believe it - the guys behind Gold4Archangel delivered 12k in less than 5 minutes!

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