How does buying Gold for Archangel Work
(the whole process A-Z)

The information below explains (in steps) how the whole process works, useful if you are first-time buyer.

1) Select the needed amount of gold from the available packages

2) We will need your email and char's name. The email address is needed in case we need to contact you regarding the purchase. Can be the same as the Paypal-email address.

3) Complete the payment process through Paypal's website. That's all that needs to be done from your part.

4) Upon verification of the Paypal payment receipt (almost instantly or within the next 15 or so minutes), we will login and try to reach you online in-game to deliver the gold. If you are not online, we will try to reach you several times during the next couple of hours. If you are still not online, we will deliver the gold through the in-game mail system - all though we prefer to deliver it once you are online. Please note that we also take video footage & screenshots of the whole delivery process. We are keeping this information for our internal reference only in case any kind of problem arises.

Please note that sometimes we are not available right away due to real life responsibilities or bed time, but we get your order notification instantly on our smartphones. We will let you know when we will be online for delivery, so you won't be waiting in vain. Rest assured, the gold is delivered ALWAYS without an exception. We haven't yet, but in case we fail to deliver within 24 hours, you are covered by our Refund Policy, which means that you will get your money back - no questions asked.

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